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Transforming of Small to Big Stylish Kitchen

Updated: Aug 13, 2023

Small kitchens come with their own constraints while muscle and legwork doesn’t work for them, some nifty ideas and clever designs add just the right touch.

When it comes to homes, small can be pretty or it can even be suffocating and constricting. It can mean having very little space to navigate between the counter and cooktop in the kitchen. Small can be cozy and warm or it can even mean space used optimally for the right furniture and decor.

As good as small spaces are, they need more work that larger spaces in homes. The kitchen is one such space that feels the brunt of having too many things squeezed into it.

  • Embellish with Simplicity:

Simplicity shines off the light and embraces a space. Small kitchens give out a luminous aura, blemishes the corners and separations to any space.

White, beige, pastels blend well with laminates and solid color blocks. A cooking area that is bright and airy makes bigger and gives a sense of space by creativity, embellish with bright crockery, eccentric hardware, decorative blinds and tiles.

  • Made Up with Cabinets:

Kitchens are made up of cabinets and are more than functional storage units. Cabinets helps to hide the clutter, add depth to the kitchen, lend texture to the space. It also ensuring every part of at the smallest kitchen to its maximum.

Designing of the kitchen can make every square inch of the kitchen by adding open cabinets, ledges, magic corners and wire baskets. The lazy corners can be converted into storage for appliances.

  • Small Size:

It’s difficult to make additional space for furniture and décor in the small kitchens. Lots of adjustments and changes can cost lot of money and also a waste of time so best option is to select modular. Modular designs are best for small kitchen layouts, make the space premium, and also ensuring that every little part of your space is utilized whether it’s from wall to wall, or floor to ceiling.

Small kitchens have lack of storage space with modular elements such as pull-out pantries, retractable trolleys, magic corners in lower cabinets and upper cabinets provide additional storage space.

  • Open Space:

All kitchen layout can be opened up by visually altering the space by eliminating boundaries and walls. Placing a breakfast table or furniture as a separation, painting the kitchen area different from the rest of the home and large windows that filter air and sunshine making the kitchen bright and charm in the daylight.

Adding multi-functional elements to the space by making outward-facing kitchen countertops pull double-duty by using it as a cooking surface and dining area too. Keeping a bar stools offer extra seating for cosy conversations. These kinds of designing can open up the space more and at the same time makes the kitchen look bigger.

  • Emphasize on Mini Kitchen:

Mini kitchen can be designed with the cooktop, washbasin and refrigerator arranged in a triangular layout for easy access.

Whether the kitchen is L-shaped, U-shaped or Parallel design, it is possible to design by placing two of these elements along one wall and third along another, aligning these elements reduces leg work, channels negative space towards the centre of the room.

Small kitchens are a blessing. They provide a palette to play with so have fun with design and embellishments. The more you explore your small kitchen, the more the possibilities seem endless and unrestrained.

In conclusion, the transformation of small kitchens into spacious and stylish culinary havens is achievable through thoughtful design and strategic choices. Clever space utilization, minimalist aesthetics, and multi-functional elements work together to maximize functionality and visual appeal. By employing smart storage solutions and embracing a cohesive design scheme, small kitchens can break free from limitations and emerge as chic, expansive spaces that inspire creativity and efficient cooking.

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