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Modular Kitchen Platform Granite Design : Timeless Elegance Countertops

Granites are formed by the natural igneous rock from volcanic activity. Granites is the trendy and perfect choice for kitchen countertops because of the durability, versatile, affordable and easy to maintain. It gives an elegance and luxurious look to the kitchen space. Choosing the correct granite slabs for the kitchen you need to find out the perfect look, long lasting, and easily handled. All natural stones are unique piece of granites. Granites are one of the best valuable countertops for the kitchen. There are different types of quality, pattern, colours and textures. The colour spectrum for granite vast from vibrant reds, blues, and greens.

So, here are the best choices of the granite designs:

Brown Granite: It gives a rustic and traditional look with its warmth and a depth colour. The brown granite countertops perfectly combine with wooden furniture or cabinets. The granite slabs textures go with lighter brown, gold and grey goes with light and dark shades. The brown granite countertops represent excellent value for the money when it is selected for the kitchen.

Grey Granite: It is also known as ‘Dull Granite’, this kind of granites e stylish and versatile. It comes in different styles such as soft, smoky texture, tinged with other colours gives damper look. They are also available in many colours such as gold, silver, black, pink and green. It can be warm to bright and reflected to mellow. The appearance varies from light to medium to dark depend on its density. This kind of granite countertops are best for open kitchen which gives brighter look.

White Granite: White means clean classy and bright look. This kind of granites are best for small kitchen area because it gives the space look bigger. The quartz gives a reflective bright quality look to the kitchen space. The present of Mica, crystal of calcium, potassium and sodium adds the granite visual texture. The density of add on colours such as black, grey, pale blue, beige, or rose accents gives density to flecks and veins overall impactful appearance to the granite. Proper polish and finish to the granite gives a premium attractive look. Quartz flakes textures increases reflection by adding the sparkle to the surface.

Black Granite: Black refers to bold, luxury and dramatic. It gives a statement to the kitchen countertops with its high colour consistency which are ideal for the sophistication with inclusion of low level. These kinds of granites are expensive and available at premium prices. Its finish of the quartz is done by leathered, high polish, or honed. The combination of the black granite fits with dark wood kitchen cabinets. The colours available with the black granite are copper, white, gold or silver which provides spectacular countertops. It gives the kitchen most luxurious look.

Green Granite: Green defines the colour of nature and refreshment with peaceful and calming. The colour gives a natural appearance because of the earthy textures. The beauty of green granite adds complement to the colour of cabinetry. They work well with the colour of the cabinets like white, yellow, gold or light to medium, dark wood patterns. Green granite provides sophistication and drama, darker shade and dramatic appearances.


  • Longevity: It is very highly resistant to scratch proof, heat and impact. Granite countertops can last for decades without any polish. It is easily maintained and its significant durability.

  • Elegance: The natural pattern of colours gives each slab a unique and luxurious look. It adds a touch of timeless beauty and sophistication to any kind of design for the kitchen.

  • Design Diversity: Granite is available in wide range of patterns, textures, and colours. The design gives the kitchen an aesthetic, modern and classic look.

  • Heat Resistance: Granites are the best choice for kitchen countertops because it is naturally heating resistance. It is relatively non-porous which harbour bacteria and germs.


  • Cost: The Granite premium material prices vary from its quality, design and over installation expenses. Hence, costing is one of the drawbacks.

  • Cracks: Because of the heavy weight and pressure cause crack. Cracks can be repaired.

  • Surface: Granite can feel cold to touch, it can mitigate for using the surface for the cutting boards or heat-resistance.

Therefore, kitchen granite is the exact blend of aesthetic and functional that rarely matches with other materials. From understated to bold, classic to contemporary which invites to create culinary sanctuary in unique way. To upgrade or remodelling of the kitchen adds both beauty and value to the kitchen countertops. Granites will always remain a premium choice for homeowners who are seeking a kitchen that radiates the timeless elegance.

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