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Modular Kitchen Chimney Designs 2024

Chimney plays an important role for the modular kitchen appliance design which fit to keep the kitchen clean by extracting the smoke, grease, fumes, heat and odors from the cooking area. It is also known as exhaust or range hood and keeps the kitchen environment comfortable by expelling the fumes outside and preventing the kitchen surface air fresh. Chimney size should be measured or setup according to the kitchen oven hobs or burners which effectively remove the smoke and fumes from the cooking area but it should not take much more space. The modular kitchen the chimney should be selected in stylish and modern design so that it gives the kitchen a overall best look. Budget is also another key factor for the modular kitchen. The price range of modular kitchen chimney which fits in the budget as the prices varies from Rs 10,000 to Rs 100,000.

Let's explore the different modular kitchen chimney designs :

  • Wall-Mounted Chimneys: The wall mounted chimney are most common modular kitchen chimney which are designed on the walls. They are easy to install and are at affordable price. They are placed above the hobs or stove.

  • Under-Cabinet Chimneys: These kind of chimneys are installed under the kitchen cabinets and are perfect for small kitchens and available at budget friendly.

  • Island Chimneys: The island chimneys are installed in the middle of the kitchen island which are larger in size and are best for larger kitchens. It is most expensive because of the air suction by providing better ventilation.

  • Built-in Chimneys: The word built-in means inside the space. The chimneys are expensive for the modular kitchen which are placed under the kitchen cabinets. They gives the small kitchen good ideas and limited space of seamless and integrated look.

  • Ductless Chimney: This kind of chimney uses a fan which circulates the air and helps to remove fumes and smoke as it does not have duct. chimney does not have a duct. It is a good option for kitchens with limited space or where it is difficult to install a duct.

  • Smart Innovative Chimneys: Nowadays, chimney is also available in smart and innovative form. The innovative design is directly installed into kitchen countertops and rise when it is required which draws the fumes downwards and makes the kitchen suitable to cook. Even it can be controlled by the remotes or by sensors through smartphone apps or voice assistances. It is a kind of automatic, auto-adjusting suction power based on the cooking activity with alerts and auto cleaning option.

Modular kitchen chimney designs enhances the kitchen by its visual appeal and also by the functionality. It is very important always to keep in mind about the kitchen layout, aesthetics and also the cooking needs. Features and designs of chimney goes simultaneously for the modular kitchen designs. Finding the perfect chimney which elevates cooking experience and also adds up sophistication to the home decor. From a high-tech solution to minimalist look and an innovative modular kitchen chimney design to match with modular kitchen interior and lifestyle.

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