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Kitchen Decor with Countertops

Updated: Aug 13, 2023

Always choose the best!

Kitchen islands are one of the most versatile additions to your kitchen. They are multifunctional, stylish and help save a lot of storage space. The counter top area is the most happening place were cooking meals, attending work calls while making a cup of tea, keeping an eye on the kids hanging around while preparing their favourite food, unwind with some soothing music.

In the latest trend kitchen islands are positioned at the centre of the kitchen and

becomes kitchen decor’s primary focal point. Thus, it complements the entire kitchen décor. While selecting a countertop for the kitchen island, material, size, and shape plays an important role in design. Which has to be durable, workable, easy to maintain, should not take up a lot of space, and fit your budget as well.

  • Solid Surface Countertops:

Solid surface countertops are engineered material made of marble dust, plastic resins and pigments. It creates quite a visibly seamless finish and a budget-friendly. Solid surface countertops are comparatively less porous, keeps bacteria away and helps in keeping your kitchen clean and hygienic. At the same time, one need to be mindful that it is not as heat resistant as the natural minerals and are prone to get scratched.

  • Wooden Art Countertops:

The main focus is to improve kitchen’s efficiency while adding a stylish edge to the decor of home, a wood countertop kitchen island is a smart choice. The butcher block countertop transforms kitchen island into a sturdy and stable work surface while adding warmth and earthiness to interior design. It can be used in many purposes as a cutting board, tabletop, or a multifunctional counter.

  • Gorgeous Granite Countertops:

Kitchen island with granite countertop can take the look and feel of a kitchen to a different level of sophistication. It has timeless aura and an authentic appeal. It blends perfectly with kitchen’s backsplash, cabinets, and flooring. It is sturdy, has a glossy rich finish and comes in ample colour choices. The heat-resisting power of granite makes it a perfect choice if you are thinking of installing a stove on island. There choices available for granite finish such as normal or leather.

  • Magnificent Marble Countertops:

When we select marbles, it describes its timeless quality of high maintenance. The depth of beauty, the magnificent look, dramatic veins and swirls of marble gives ultra-modern kitchen design a touch of richness and a majestic look. Although white marble is one of the most popular and authentic choices, but there are many choices of colored marble like cool blue, earthy brown or some soothing forest green to contrast with kitchen decor. Italian marble is also a good for kitchen island as it doesn’t come in contact with water. These are extremely porous and ideal for dry kitchens.

  • Stainless Steel Countertops:

Stainless steel countertop gives a sleek, elegant and shiny look to the kitchen. The countertops blend with any kitchen decor seamlessly. Proper placement of lights will create a magical illusion and look bigger and brighter. Now the functionality, stainless steel is sturdy, heat and stain-resistant as well as easy to maintain. These not just add to the glamour quotient but reduces your kitchen cleaning time as well.

  • Quality Quartz Countertops:

Quartz is an engineered material that is both stain and heat resistant, easy to install, low maintenance, look attractive, and quite pocket friendly compared to natural stones. It’s also available in different colours and designs. It would give more enhancing look if matched and contrasted with bright colours or even light colours.

Their versatile materials, designs, and finishes not only provide durable surfaces for food preparation but also contribute significantly to the overall visual appeal. Whether in a modern kitchen or a stylish bathroom, countertops reflect personal style and practicality, enhancing the functionality and beauty of the area they adorn. With their ability to seamlessly blend form and function, countertops stand as essential elements in creating inviting and efficient spaces for various activities.

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