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How to Clean Your Modular Kitchen : Tips & Tricks to Keeping it Pristine

Modular kitchens gets dirty with the time so proper maintenance is required. Modular kitchen is easy to maintain and handle. To keep it pristine hygienic and appearance it need to be cleaned regular, it not a daunting or hectic task.

Let's explore the tips and tricks to keep it pristine:

  • Clean the Cabinets and Drawers: It is important to clean the cabinets regularly because it is the most visible part of the kitchen area. With the help of mild detergent and warm water solution cleaning or with dampen a microfiber cloth in liquid soap water wipe down cabinet exteriors then with dry cloth wipe it again to prevent the cabinets from moisture damage. To remove the oils and grime clean the handles and knobs of the drawers and cabinets. To get rid of stains use baking soda and water solution and scrub softly with soft bristle brush.

  • Clean the Countertops: Countertops are the main base which gets dirty and needs to be clean every time after the cooking task. Then once in a week the countertops can be cleaned by a mixture of water and vinegar or even by countertops cleaner or even by Colin liquid. here also it is important to wipe off with dry clothe afterwards.

  • Clean the Appliances: Once a week cleaning the appliances with mild water and detergent solution or Colin liquids but with the guidance of the appliance cleaning instructions.

  • Clean the Sink and Faucet: When it comes to sink it should be cleaned whenever one is washing the utensils so that the spreading of gems are less to the utensils and cookware. Sink and Faucet should be clean with mild detergent or liquid soap and wiping off with dry cloth will help in no water spots appearance. Also keep naphthalene balls to keep the insects away from the kitchen.

  • Clean the Garbage Disposal: Disposal of garbage should be done regularly. Garbage smell attracts insects and flies. Cleaning of the dustbin can be done with the mixture of baking soda and vinegar.

  • Clean the Vents: With the help of vacuum cleaner the vents can be cleaned to remove the dust. One can also use brush to clean the vents. Once in month cleaning will help in preventing a fire hazards.

  • Clean the Windows: Windows can be cleaned twice a month with mild detergent water solution or any liquid soaps to prevent the streaks and stickiness. The cleaning of window will help in natural light and keep the kitchen look fresh. It will also help in good ventilation.

  • Glass and Mirrors: The best liquid to clean the glass and mirrors by spraying the Colin liquid and a newspaper or a microfiber cloth. White vinegar and water is another solution for cleaning.

  • Clean the Floors: The floor of the kitchen needs to be cleaned twice a day with the mop and the detergent water solution or by the vacuum cleaner to get rid of the debris and dirt from the floor. To clean floor like tile, laminate or vinyl it can be mop with warm water and mild dish liquid soap.

When the cleaning of kitchen comes it should be done in a systematic way so that the work is straight forward, relaxing and at the same time rewarding. Regularly maintaining keeps the kitchen look fresh, clean, longevity and hygienic. Little effort and time everyday can ensure the kitchen a inviting space and it keeps the kitchen new as first time. It also make promotes an enjoyable experience, healthy environment of cooking.

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