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How Modular Kitchen plays an important role in our house?

Updated: Aug 13, 2023

As decades have passed and the fast changing of lifestyle has made people adapt the new technology and new standard of living. The house is our necessity and it’s the best place where we feel peace at the end of the day. Each and every corner of the house creates its own magic; the living space is the area which bring all the members of the family together where they can sit together and enjoy watching TV or even chat with each other. The dining area brings them close to eat their food together and the study room for kids helps them to concentrate in their studies.

The most important place in the house is the cooking area where the lady of the house brings all the members of the family together with the delicious food. The kitchen is decorated with attractive designs and beautiful art pieces. We want big and spacious storage units and in build spaces. The kitchen is decorated in such a manner that none of the utensils are visible to the guest who are interested to see the kitchen designs.

  • Best Position:

According to the Vaastu Shastra the best direction to build the kitchen in the house are North-East, South-East and North-West. Ideally the kitchen should be in the south east corner of the house and its windows on the east. Kitchen should not be next or across the toilet or entrance. If the kitchen is built in other direction of the house it causes problems.

The kitchen should be constructed in such a way that it receives sunlight and plenty of fresh air which helps in saving a lot of electric power as lights are not required during the day time. At the same time the sunlight or the UV rays of the sun helps in the process of sterilizing the kitchen and gives fresh smell and clean.

Electrical items such as microwaves, grinders, and mixers should be placed in the southeast corner. The sink should be in the North-East corner whereas the South-West wall should be used for storage. The refrigerator should be in the North-West, South-East, South, or West.

If it is an open kitchen then the dining table should be placed on the North or West side. The door to the toilet should not face the dining table.

The color selection of the Kitchens should be very bright and simple so it can be painted yellow, rose, red, orange, or chocolate brown.

  • Design Layout:

Nowadays, open kitchen and modular kitchen are highly on demand which is uplifting the beauty of the house. There are various kind of layouts to design the kitchen such as ‘L’,’U’,’C’, ‘G’ or Peninsular, Straight, Parallel or Gallery, Island. As the lady of the house spends their most of time in kitchen so it is constructed in such a manner so that they can do multi-tasking while cooking or busy in kitchen such as Watching TV, Working Online or even Talking with guest or member of the house.

The area inside the kitchen is design so spaciously that two person works together at the same time without any collisions and walk freely.

  • Placing of Things:

It is very important to know the perfect and best placement of thing in the kitchen to enhance the look of the kitchen. The kitchen should be divided into 3 sections as Fire area to place Hob and Chimney, the Water area to place Sink and Water Purifier, and Electrical area to keep Refrigerator, Grinder, Microwave, etc. In this way it would add more beautification to the kitchen.

To make the kitchen more spacious usage of small furniture. Chimney should be placed over the hob to make the kitchen smokeless. The area near the hobs should have cabinets for keeping the frequently used powders or ingredients such as Tea, Coffee, Sugar, Salt, Curry Powders which are used in food and also drawers below for placing the utensils or spatulas which are also used while chopping and cooking.

The sink can be designed by making small shelves for placing of the detergents, liquids or scrubbers. A slab should be placed next to the sink for draining the water from washed utensils or vegetables. The taps in the sink should have nozzles. The Water Purifier should be placed near the sink so that the water section in a particular corner of the kitchen.

The Electronic section should be always away from fire and water area to avoid any kind of accidents. Switch board should have individual power point for each and every electronic good for easily accessible.

The counter top should be stainless or glass of art work which gives very clean look and helps in many ways in chopping, utility purpose, dining, also sometime working purpose while working in kitchen.

It is also mandatory to keep the kitchen clean and hygienic by keeping two waste bins in two corners. One wet waste bin near the sink and other the dry bin near the electronic area. It would help in keeping the kitchen clean and dry.

Therefore, modular kitchens have emerged as integral components of modern homes, redefining the way we experience and interact with our living spaces. Their innovative designs and customizable layouts bring convenience, efficiency, and organization to our daily culinary activities. By seamlessly integrating storage solutions, smart appliances, and aesthetic elements, modular kitchens not only elevate functionality but also enhance the overall ambiance of our homes. Their transformative role showcases how a well-designed kitchen can foster creativity, encourage healthy cooking habits, and create a central hub that promotes family interaction. As a cornerstone of contemporary living, modular kitchens have become essential in shaping a harmonious and dynamic living environment.

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